Are you Balancing Business & Homeschool?

Hi, I’m Heidi Totten, best-selling author of Homeschool on Fire: Be the CEO of Your Business and Homeschool, and creator of The Homeschool System.

Many families are facing the challenge of what to do this year as they head back to school. Your school may be giving you a variety of options, including full time, part time, and online, and you may be wondering what will be the best choice for your family.

I've run three businesses and homeschooled on and off for the past 8 years. During that time, I've taken over 200 people, including my children, on 18 expeditions to Kenya, Africa with my organization 100 Humanitarians International. I've worked with over 300 people helping them build their online business, and I run an online platform with over 100 courses, and weekly opportunities to connect and expand your network. Needless to say, I'm pretty busy! 

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I hope that these resources will help you as you navigate the changing environment of education! 

Available Products

Homeschool on Fire: The Book

Jambo! I wrote this book in 2015 and launched it two days before I got on a plane and headed to Kenya, Africa for my first overseas humanitarian trip.

Since then, I have spent five years and 16 expeditions working in Kenya. I've learned some things! This book, and what I have learned since then, is the culmination of ten years of entrepreneurship while homeschooling.

I hope it serves you. 

Homeschool on Fire: The System

Have you been wondering how to track all of the things going on in your life, in your children's lives, AND accomplish some things at the same time?

Well, this is The Homeschool System, and you can use it however you need, to create the home and life that you want.

Have fun with it, customize it, and expand on it! 

Homeschool on Fire: The Bootcamp

Now that you have been through Homeschool on Fire: The Bootcamp, are you ready to map it all out?

The Map will take you through the 4 steps we covered in The Bootcamp, with tricks, tips, resources, and downloads to help you. 

You can do it at your own pace, or knock it all out in a day. Your choice! 

Hint: This is where magic gets created! 

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