Homeschool on Fire: The Bootcamp

Homeschool on Fire: The Bootcamp


Running a home based business can be a challenge. Throw in homeschooling (in any form) into the mix and it can be downright overwhelming. I should know. I've done it for the past 8 years. 

In 2015, I wrote the book Homeschool on Fire: Be the CEO of Your Business and Homeschool. I also created a system that would help me keep track of all of the things I needed to keep track of to manage both. 

In this updated program, I teach you some things I have learned since writing the book. You also get a copy of The Homeschool System to use for yourself. 

Plus, a monthly Q&A call to ask any questions and get the support you need. 

Go ahead and watch the free, one hour training, and if it resonates for you, join the program, and get started!

6 Modules

The Homeschool on Fire Overview


In this module, I go over the program, what it entails, and how it will be most effective for you. You can do it over a week as an "intensive" where you get it all set up, or you can go week by week through the activities. 

The Homeschool Promise

How do you make a Promise? Most likely, it's a subconscious agreement between your inner chatter and the character that defines who you are. It's a combination of your heart, mind, and soul. 

Create Your Zones

I like to call this section "Zone Defense" because when I have the idea of Zones in my head, I'm able to get things done faster. Just like Promises, when you work with your kids to set up your zones and theirs, it gives you a language to refer to. 

Mentoring Your Children

This is the GOLD of the Homeschool on Fire Program. When people ask me how to keep their kids on track, this is what I teach. When you implement the Mentoring & Accountability concepts into your homeschool, it will keep things moving forward, and you will be able to address issues head on, instead of being blind-sided. 

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